To be a world-renowned enterprise in the field of fruit post-harvest equipment, the best partner of the fruit sorting industry, leading the industry into a new era.

LOGO explanation:      
• Green (Green):Green is optimized to (REE). Green, immature, and fresh, represent the industries it serves for (agriculture, green business), always keeps as a developing company which symbolizes a bright future.      
• Morning:Morning is optimized as (MOON). The great power bred by the sprouting of all things represents the sun-risingfrom eight to nine o'clock in the morning. The future belongs to us, symbolizing perseverance and firm belief and motivation.

Brand Slogan
Adding value to your fruit by sort both internal and external quality.
Service slogan
Serve the customer with loyalty and diligent work.
Company mission
To provide opportunities to use advanced, cost-effective equipment and services for more fruit enterprise all over the world To promote the world's post-harvest technology advancement with technology and innovation, to help the user reach greater potential and add more value. To motivate the employee to achieve higher potential and create more value.