Reemoon Apple Sorting Solution
  • To reduce crashing by water tank in-feeding.
  • To grade qualified fruit by external color sorting.
  • To ensure stable quality by Internal scanning to sort brown heart sorting.
Product details

Reemoon apple sorting solution, can sort and grade apple by size, weight, blemish, brix acidity and brown heart disease. (according to the feedback from customer, some apple varieties are very sensitive fruit which easy to be bruisedin the sorting process. Therefore, Reemoon has specially developed apple sorting equipment to prevent bumping and bruise. Reemoon“Hefu” sorting equipment protects the apple from crashing.

In-feeding System

Water tank feeding
The water in the tank moves from left to right through the water pump to form a water cycle. Apples float along with the direction of water flow, which can prevent the fruits from crashing with each other and clean the apple skin as well.

Single line arrangement
to ensure that each apple can be in one fruit cup without touching and collision between each other, and at the same time to ensure each apple can be weighed, photographed and scanned.

Washing line

Drying system
the axial flow fan will lead the hot air to blow the apple, and the centrifugal fan will absorb the free hot air to form a cycle, so as to dry the apples.

Selective sorting

Vision system
it is composed of high-definition camera, visual light source, control system and other attached equipment, which can sort color, shape, size, defect, etc. the specific sorting parameters can be set by customers themselves.

Weighing system
double sensor, four point contact, automatic measurement of the weight of apple, can be output according to the standard packing weight, or according to the standard number of packing output, also the function of automatic switching. It can be controlled and corrected by timing according to the temperature change, performance stable.

Internal quality sorting

Internal quality scanner
The brix and acidity as well as black heart disease of apple were detected and graded by using the professional spectrometer technology which independently developed by Reemoon. And the black heart was rejected to ensure the stability of Apple internal quality.

Tailor-made packaging

Manual packing table
the driving belt transport the fruit to the corresponding position, and the entry brush is used to buffer the entry of fruit and reduce the crashing.

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