Adding value to your fruit by sort both internal and external quality

Technical advantages

Reemoon has long been committed to product independent research and development and technological innovation. These excellent systems have greatly improved production efficiency and sorting accuracy for a large number of fruit packaging plants.

Products advisory 

Relying on the innovative system, a large number of customers have increased their output and reduced production costs, increasing the added value of fruits and vegetables in the market.


A new generation of "INFRUSCAN internal quality non-destructive testing"

Adopting Lumeng's independent research and development of special fruit spectrometers, which can customize solutions for different fruits; unique light path design, successfully breaking through the key technology of the penetration barrier of the thick sponge layer of pomelo; leading model conversion mode, one model with multiple uses, once and for all; advanced Anti-jamming system, high signal-to-noise ratio, low power consumption, and high accuracy; fast modeling method can greatly save the time of commissioning and production; software operation is simple and easy to learn;


FRUSCAN4.2 new generation visual sorting system

Distributed control; to meet the detection and identification of more types of defects (such as oil cell subsidence, ulcers, bug eyes, mechanical injuries...); unique image processing unit, which can adapt to various production environments; customer-defined defects to meet different customers Product standards.

Weight sorting

Sorting color grading

The Reemoon weighing system adopts dual sensors and four-point contact, which solves the problem of inaccurate weighing data due to the displacement caused by high-speed movement in the fast sorting process of fruits and vegetables. The weight of a single fruit is automatically measured and weighed. The error is small, and the standard packing weight and standard quantity packing can be automatically switched according to customer requirements. At the same time, the system is equipped with a temperature compensation function, which can be controlled and corrected in real time according to temperature changes in the workshop at different times to ensure the stability of the weighing system. One machine with multiple functions, fast replacement of fruit cups without tools, simple man-machine operation, after-sales teaching and teaching. Wide range of applications, suitable for the sorting of round and oval fruits and vegetables such as navel orange, tangerine, lemon, apple, onion, etc.

Color sorting

Sorting color grading

Brand-new, advanced color recognition methods, adaptive update patented technology, in the state of high-speed movement of fruits and vegetables, quickly capture the shape of the fruit, use big data for analysis, and achieve high-precision color value level analysis. It can be divided into more than ten color grades, which is suitable for most of the fruits and vegetables on the market.

Density sorting


Reemoon density sorting adopts industrial-grade high-definition camera and light source system for data collection, which solves the problem of inaccurate detection accuracy of fruits and vegetables under high-speed operation. It can accurately calculate the density of fruits and vegetables to achieve refined sorting.

Diameter sorting

Sorting sizing

The Reemoon diameter sorting system measures the diameter of the fruit by calculating the dimensions of the fruit and the projected area parameters. The system is flexible and convenient. The user can freely set the range of the fruit sorting diameter, the horizontal and vertical diameter ratio and other parameters.

Defect sorting

Sorting surface defects

Reemoon uses three-dimensional imaging technology, high-definition resolution camera and super bright light source system to collect the skin conditions of fruits and vegetables, and uses Gaussian modeling and adaptive update patented technology to process the data, accurate multi-directional image collection, without missing any details If the pedicle, calyx, and umbilicus can also be accurately captured, the collected information can be detected and graded through hybrid Gaussian modeling and adaptive update patent technology. And the core processing modules all use embedded DSP processors, which do not depend on the PC, even if the computer is turned off, the sorting will not be affected at all.

Internal quality sorting


Reemoon's internal quality sorting technology breaks through the problems of incomplete data collection and poor accuracy of traditional reflective detection technology. It comprehensively collects fruit and vegetable information. It uses advanced sensor chips and professional spectrometers, with high signal-to-noise ratio, fast operation, and low consumption Yes, high precision, no barrier to penetration of thick and green fruits. Modeling is simple and intelligent, greatly saving debugging time, simple operation, quick start, independent operation of the embedded system, strong stability. The detected fruit can detect the sugar content, acidity, mildew, browning, and pulp damage inside the fruit only by passing through the device.