REEMOON Mandarin Sorting Solution
  • Customized blemish standards, no blind spots in all-round photography.
  • Brix is strictly graded to ensure the stability of internal quality.
  • Customizable solutions to provide customers with value-added services.
Product details

Reemoon mandarin sorting solution is formulated for the thin and smooth skin of mandarin and the dense oil cells. To sort by the externalquality like color, size, blemish and internal quality like brixfor mandarin.

In-feeding System

Robot feeding
Reemoon robot depalletizing adopts a fully automated processing system, and the robot arm automatically, quickly, continuously and flexibly pours fruit.

C type continuous box turning machine
Flexiblefruit tipping, reduce fruit damage. At the same time, empty frames can be automatically processed and sterilized。

Side tilt box machine
After the robot arm automatically loads the material, the fruit frame is conveyed to the material inlet side and the fruit is overturned. The fruit is conveyed to the sorting line by the roller, and the empty frame enters the recycling system.

Washing line

Bubbling cleaning
non-touch cleaning mode, using the blasting force of water bubbles to fully infiltrate the mandarins and quickly clean off on the fruit surface.

Hot Water Treatment
By treating mandarin with hot water at a certain temperature and period of time, it promotes the production of mandarin heat shock protein, makes the skin more compact, enhances the disease resistance and stress resistance of mandarin, and extends its shelf life period.

Water sterilization system
Use broad-spectrum sterilization, spray the fungicide all over the surface of mandarin, quickly kill the bacteria and fungi on the surface, ensure the sanitation of the mandarin, and prevent future rot and mildew.

Hot drying treatment
use a drying tunnel to absorb the free hot air to form a cycle to dry the skin of the mandarin.

Electronic Sorting

Color sorting
To sort the mandarin by color, which can classify mandarins into 16 color grades, and finely grade the surface colors of mandarins to ensure the stability of mandarin brand.

Size sorting
The system automatically calculates parameters such as the shape and projected area of mandarinto ensure the uniformity of mandarin in size. And users can freely set the size standard for sorting.

Weight sorting
using dual sensors and four-point touching, automatic measurement according to the standard packing weight, to ensure the consistency of the weightin each carton.

Blemish sorting
Reemoon's self-developed technology is used to sort and grade the blemishes in the surface of mandarin. Using a distributed system, the sorting procedure does not depend on the computer, even if the computer is turned off, it will not affect the sorting at all. Greatly improve the efficiency of sorting and increase the sales value of mandarin.

Internal quality sorting

Internal quality sorting
without cutting the fruit to detect, it can automatically scan and detect the internal physiological indicators of mandarin, such as brix. Ensure the consistency of the taste of each sorted mandarin.

Tailor-made packaging

Auto-filling packing
According to the sorting results and customer needs, the mandarins are packed in standard quantitative packing at the exitautomatically, without manual weighing and packing, which improves production efficiency.

Traceable system

From the inputting of mandarins information to the sorting and processing of all data and packaging out of the warehouse, all data from picking to sales are inputted, backed up and tracked to achieve the effect of control and follow-up of the products.

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